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PNP Jamaica | Moving Jamaica Forward
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 Several Ways We Have Moved Jamaica Forward

Business Process Outsourcing - BPO

Facilitate investment in the provision of increased space for Business Process Outsourcing through the combined efforts of Factories Corporation, the Port Authority & the Development Bank of Jamaica.

MSME Transformation

Transforming the MSME's into competitive enterprises, by building capacity, expanding entrepreneurship through training in marketing, leadership,communication, technical skills, and providing financing via the DBJ.

Liquified Natural Gas - LNG

Continue the programme to diversify sources of energy - solar, wind & Liquified Natural Gas technologies.

Health Care

Improving the quality of health care in our major hospitals, while upgrading community health care facilities across the country. Emphasis should be placed on access & affordability of health care for children and senior citizens, while improving the benefits available through NHF.

Improving Home Ownership

Create and facilitate housing solutions to increase sustainability, the number of Jamaican families who own and live in their own homes. Special priority should be given to satisfying the demand in the lowest income bracket.

Job & Wealth Creation

Create more jobs by improving the room stock in the hotel industry. This would create an estimated 40,000 permanent jobs, as well as establishing youth employment programmes that would place several thousand persons in new jobs.

Reasons to support the PNP

From 1938, the People’s National Party has provided leadership that has led the way in transforming Jamaica from an underdeveloped British colony into an independent country this is a proud and respected member of the global family of nations.


Norman Washington Manley

At the birth of the People’s National Party in 1938, the founding President, Norman Washington Manley declared: “The People’s National Party is called the ‘Peoples Party’ because it will unswervingly aim at all those measures which serve the masses of the country. It is called ‘National’ because it is pledged to the development of the national spirit.”

Michael Manley

Comrade Michael Manley will always be remembered as Jamaica’s most passionate and unrelenting campaigner for social justice. The Jamaican workers will always remember Michael Manley and the PNP for the body of legislation and programmes which expanded workers’ rights and raised the workers’ standard of living, including the minimum wage and the compulsory recognition of trade unions.


Percival James Patterson

PJ Patterson, the architect of the modernisation of physical and economic infrastructure is the only Jamaican Prime Minister to have led his party to victory in three consecutive General Elections. Under P.J. Patterson’s leadership, more Jamaicans owned land, had access to decent shelter access to water, electricity and telephone service than ever before. His non-confrontational style was a major contributing factor to the decline in partisan political violence.   

Portia Simpson Miller

 Portia Simpson Miller presided over the greatest and most profound reform of the Jamaican economy, in what is acknowledged as the most challenging period in Jamaica’s modern history. Under her watch, Jamaica’s management of its national debt has improved; all major economic indicators showed positive signs; while social programmes have been expanded to protect the most vulnerable groups in the society. 


Jamaica Under the Stewardship of the PNP


30,000 to 40,000 new jobs were created for Jamaicans during our last year in office.


During the last four years, Jamaica has seen more than $125 billion Jamaican dollars from overseas & local sources.


During our Administration, we have put more people in their own homes than at any other time since Jamaica's Independence.

Roads & Highways

Since the turn of the 21st century, PNP governments have instituted the most ambitious highway building programmes since our independence.


Under our Administration, the number of tourist stopovers in Jamaica has surpassed two million and climbing.


With innovations such as Agro-Parks, we have ramped up the sector to new heights & away from the traditional sugar & banana production. We are going to feed ourselves from our own resources.


Jamaica, under our Administration has reduced its debt stock & regained access to both external & domestic markets.


We implemented new & innovative programs to redirect young people away from violence in communities across the country.


More children are in primary, secondary & tertiary institutions than ever before. Teachers are now better paid, trained & more qualified due to strategies implemented during our tenure.

Press Releases

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