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Press Releases

Kingston, Jamaica, February 20, 2018:Minority Leader for the People’s National Party at the Kingston and St. Andrew Municipal Council (KSAMC), Andrew Swaby, is raising concerns about an allocation of $21 Million made by the Minister of Local Government through the Equalisation Fund to repairs three roads in North West St. Andrew, where a by-election will be held on March 5, 2018.

Councillor Swaby is calling on the Political Ombudsman, the Office of the Contractor General to urgently launch an investigation into this matter. He is also inviting all well-thinking Jamaicans who want a free and fair electoral process to make their voices heard in the fight against government corruption and misuse of public funds.

“I am deeply concerned that this is yet another attempt by the Jamaica Labour Party Government to use public resources to influence the outcome of a by-election. The same methods were used in the Local Government elections of 2016 and the by-election in South East St. Mary.”  Mr. Swaby points out.

Only last month, an allocation of $91 Million was made to repair roads in the same constituency.

Mr. Swaby notes that the Council has not received monies for funeral grants and the indigent programme, yet the Minister has found money to fix roads in a constituency having a by-election in less than two weeks.

Mr. Swabyfurther notes that there are many other roads throughout the Municipality that are in urgent need of repair and for which councillors have been lobbying for some time now.

The proposed roads that are to be repaired are:

Rosehall Avenue in Hughenden – $6,252,500.00

Moonlight Drive in Havendale – $10,974,500.00

Rosewell Avenue in Chancery Hall – $4,570,000.00


 “We are not against monies being allocated to fix roads in need of repairs but we find the timing of this allocation and the fact that all of is in North West St. Andrew, as a blatant attempt by the JLP to buy votes ahead of the by-election,” the Councillor said.


Angela Brown Burke, Press Releases

Kingston, Jamaica, February 9, 2018: The People’s National Party can confirm that the St. James Municipal Corporation, yesterday, February 8, 2018, voted along strict political lines to suspend councillor for the Granville division, Mr. Michael Troupe, for three (3) months.

The Party takes serious issue with this ‘kangaroo court’ approach, which was not in strict adherence to due process and natural justice.  Yesterday’s vote was highly irregular, and does not appear to have met the most basic of requirements.

While Councillor Troupe was aware of the resolution which was tabled on January 11, 2018, neither he nor the other PNP councillors were presented with the particulars of the allegations until during the debate yesterday. This clearly breached several rules, as he would not have afforded him the opportunity to put forward a proper defense. At a minimum, charging and sentencing an individual, in these circumstances, is a breach of due process and the principles of natural justice; and is tantamount to an abuse of power driven by crass partisan political motives.

The Party is currently in consultation to formulate an approach to this latest development. 


Press Releases

Kingston, Jamaica, February 3, 2018: The People’s National Party today announces that educator Keisha Hayle will be the party’s candidate in the North West St. Andrew constituency by–election to fill the vacancy created by the resignation of Derrick Smith.

Miss. Hayle who is the Principal of Padmore Primary in West Rural St. Andrew, has been an accomplished teacher creating “miracles” at the school which prior to her arrival there was on the list of failing institutions.

Her mission there was to “rescue” the school which was on the brink of closure. Since then, the school has significantly improved its performance and in 2015, sixteen students secured top scores in both GSAT and Grade Four literacy test, with one girl gaining 99% average and a place at Campion College. Miss. Hayle is both the Principal and Grade 6 teacher.

For her achievement, Miss Hayle was the recipient of the 2015 Gleaner Honour Award for Education and was described as “no ordinary woman” and a trailblazer in education.

The new PNP candidate, who holds separate degrees in Psychology and Politics from the University of the West Indies, has been a career teacher of seventeen years and served at the Red Hills Primary School before going to Padmore.

Politically, she has been active in the PNP organisation in West Rural St. Andrew serving as Constituency Secretary and Vice Chairman of the Red Hills Division. A born and bred Kingstonian from Waltham Park Road, Miss Hayle has been a forceful community activist. She has an impressive record of community service, particularly in Red Hills and is pledging to rekindle the flames of nationalism in North West Andrew by “awakening and shaping the constituency spirit giving direction, purpose and organisational form”.

The PNP candidate is also pledging to promote the interests of the people by organising a political machinery which caters to the constituency’s holistic needs, including economic, political, social, infrastructural and cultural. Miss Hayle is committed to providing an environment in which all members of the electorate are encouraged, motivated and respected.


Julian Robinson, Press Releases
General Secretary of the People’s National Party, Julian Robinson has been selected to participate in a European Union Visitors Program, where he will be meeting with officials of the EU in Brussels and will attend a plenary session of the European Parliament in Strasbourg, France.
The primary aim of the EU Visitors Program is to enable participants to become better acquainted with the values and policies of the EU as well as its goals, achievements, prospects and institutions. 
Mr. Robinson, who is also Member of Parliament for South East St. Andrew and a member of the Electoral Commission of Jamaica will have meetings with EU officials who have responsibility for cyber security, innovation, entrepreneurship and data protection. He will also be meeting with the Secretary General of the African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States (ACP), Dr. Patrick Gomes.
Mr. Robinson leaves the island on Saturday, February 4, 2018.

Dr Fenton Ferguson, Press Releases

Kingston,Jamaica, February 1, 2018: Vice President of the People’s National Party, Dr. Fenton Ferguson, says there is nothing in his statement in St. Thomas two days ago that absolves the present Minister of National Security, Mr. Robert Montaque, and indeed the Holness cabinet from the policy failures of the past two years, which have led to an out of control murder rate, widespread fear and a run-down and demotivated Jamaica Constabulary Force.

In a statement today clarifying his comments, Dr. Ferguson said it was this policy failure which led to a comprehensive review at the Shadow Cabinet Retreat two weeks ago.

 This failure, he said, was squarely at the feet of the entire Holness administration

The Eastern St. Thomas Member of Parliament says to put the matter beyond the peradventure of doubt, the government must take the lead in the fight against crime, even though all Jamaicans individually and in their various organisations have an important role to play. He said the PNP also accepts it also has a significant role, but emphasizes that the JLP government must take responsibility because of its command of the information and the resources of the state.


Lisa Hanna, Press Releases

Kingston, Jamaica, January 31, 2018: The People’s National Party (PNP) says it welcomes the announcement of the impending visit by US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to Jamaica.

In a statement this afternoon, Shadow Minister of Foreign Affairs, Lisa Hanna, says Mr. Tillerson’s visit is timely and provides an important opportunity to strengthen diplomatic ties between Jamaica and the USA and to improve areas of cooperation with Jamaica and other countries in the Hemisphere.

 The Opposition spokesman notes the important role that the United States’ plays in geopolitics, its impact on the global economy, the global supply chain, trade and investment and the increasingly important issue of World Peace. She says she also notes the potential impact of US Policy on social, political and economic outcomes in our region.

Consequently, Ms. Hanna says the Government of Jamaica must use the opportunity to extend Jamaica’s agenda beyond exclusive bilateral US-Jamaica affairs, to include Regional and Hemispheric issues; and to raise with Secretary Tillerson important areas of concern including proposed changes to US immigration laws which will have a major impact on the Jamaican Diaspora as well as other policies which impact o Jamaica and the region.

“Jamaica’s agenda for discussion should include but not be limited to immigration/deportation concerns, budget cuts in USAID Programmes in Jamaica and the region; and in particular the discontinuation of Programmes to build resilience to Climate Change given last year’s natural disaster events that affected the region” Ms. Hanna said.

 Against the background of the recent US Travel Advisory, the upsurge of murders in Jamaica and the lethargic responses of the Holness Administration to the safety and security of Jamaicans citizens and visitors at risk, the Shadow Minister said the Prime Minister Holness must provide credible solutions and reassurances to Secretary Tillerson that security in Jamaica, remains an important priority of his Administration.

The Opposition raises several other issues of strategic concern to CARICOM that the Prime Minister must discuss, if he is to reassert Jamaica’s influence and leadership in CARICOM diplomacy. These issues include ending the Cuban embargo, the elimination of Temporary Protected Status of some sixty thousand Haitians, the troubling question of Venezuela and the enforcement of economic sanctions against Venezuela and finally, the implications for countries who continue to trade with that Latin American nation, which contributes to their energy security.

Ms. Hanna concluded that the friendly US/Jamaica Bilateral relationship remains of vital importance to Jamaica’s national development and has been strengthened over the years through increasing cooperation on trade, including the Caribbean Basin Initiative (CBI), Investments and participation in Regional Security initiatives, Energy Security, Tourism, Maritime Border protection, Immigration and the interests of the Jamaican Diaspora.

She said the PNP warmly welcomes Secretary Tillerson and express the hope that deliberations will contribute to the strengthening of US/Jamaica ties and will be mutually beneficial to both nations.


Julian Robinson, Press Releases

Kingston, Jamaica, January 18, 2018: The Shadow Cabinet of the People’s National Party will embark on a three-day retreat beginning, Friday, January 19.

The Party will use the opportunity to explore new policy directions, reflecting on what has worked, what has not been as effective as intended and how to approach some of the challenges facing Jamaica with new solutions. This is in keeping with its preparation process for governance.

The Shadow Ministers will also discuss the findings of the Commissions on Land Ownership, Education and Youth Employment and the New Economy. The Commissions, which were launched last year, focused on the main pillars of the platform for inclusive growth under a PNP–led government. They were tasked to develop new ideas and proposals that would inform and drive Party policies in these critical areas, in line with the PNP’s consistent commitment to social justice and equality.


Fitz Jackson, Press Releases

Kingston, Jamaica, January 18, 2018: The People’s National Party (PNP) takes note of the State of Emergency (SoE) declared in the parish of St. James.

The Party says that based on the spiralling crime rate in Montego Bay, the failure of the Zone of Special Operation to arrest the number of murders, blatant lawlessness and continued threat to life, the city had reached a near state of anarchy which could not be allowed to persist.

The people of Jamaica, including the Opposition, have been calling for a response from Government throughout the past year. Some 1617 Jamaicans were murdered in 2017 and already more than 63 persons have been killed since the start of this year.

“The main victims of this wave of unchecked criminality are the ordinary citizens of St James who have been abused and murdered in this atmosphere of wanton violence.” PNP president Dr. Peter Phillips said.

The PNP says it lends qualified support to this effort and will await the regulations governing the operations of the State of Emergency which are required to be placed before the Parliament. The Party is insisting that a robust, accessible and viable mechanism to protect the rights of law-abiding citizens during the operations must be in place.

The PNP says every effort must be made by the security forces to be vigilant, courageous, and determined in confronting the criminal threat, even as they are protective of the rights and interests of the law abiding citizens of the parish.


Julian Robinson, Press Releases
Kingston, Jamaica, December 15, 2017: The Opposition, People’s National Party (PNP) has taken note of the ruling by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in the United States to repeal the 2015 Net Neutrality Rules. The Opposition wishes to affirm its commitment to fully support the principle and application of net neutrality in Jamaica.
Opposition Spokesman on Science and Technology, Julian Robinson says “Net neutrality is an important principle in maintaining a free and open Internet. Its application will ensure a level playfield, particularly for entrepreneurs and small businesses who depend on unimpeded access to the Internet to develop new products and services.
Robinson says “As a small developing country, innovation is critical to our growth and development. Net neutrality will foster equal access to the Internet facilitating innovation.”

Denise Daley, Press Releases

People’s National Party (PNP) Region IV is saddened by the news of the shooting death of Councillor Caretaker Cde. Carol Ebanks and her son Jehvon Myles.

Cde. Ebanks was the chairman of the May Pen North Division and represented the Party in the November 2016 Local Government Election.

She was an active member of the Region and was willing and ready to work with the team in Clarendon Central and the Region. 

The Region is shocked and disheartened as we reflect on her contribution, and more so as we face the harsh and deadly impact of crime on our society.

Cde. Ebanks’ passing is a clear indication that no one is exempt from this monster that has gripped our nation. This development sends an even louder signal for a stance to be taken against crime and violence.

We now await further updates on the untimely passing Cde. Ebanks and her son. As a Region we will endeavour to give support to the grieving family members, friends and colleagues.