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Excerpt from Budget Presentation made by the Most Hon. Portia Simpson Miller

Excerpt from Budget Presentation made by the Most Hon. Portia Simpson Miller

Mr. Speaker, The last twelve months were littered with broken promises.

The people were promised no new taxes to implement the “1-point- 5 million tax threshold”.

Yet in only 12 months the people have been devastated with over $29 billion in new and unnecessary taxes to finance the so-called give back.                                            

The mother working as a domestic helper and many others are still waiting on the promised doubling of their minimum wage.

The  people are still waiting for the day when they can go to bed, leave their doors and windows open and wake up in the morning and still be alive.                                     

What of the fixed election date?

What of the law to impeach public officials?

What of the promised “job description” for every minister of government? What of the promise not to go to the NHT for budgetary support

What of the crime plan?

What about the promised prosperity?

Prime Minister, it is clear that you conceptualized these ideas and promises but you failed to implement them. In the interest of the people of Jamaica, we are happy that you continue to implement the programmes and plans that we conceptualized.

We left a growing economy. We left you a grand platform with plans, projects and programmes to continue the progress. We not only conceptualized but we were implementing.

In fact the Chairman and Deputy Chairman or your Economic Growth Council said they were working on the Growth Matrix we left.

That is why we had 7-consecutive quarters of growth. That is why we could project growth at two percent up to the end of this fiscal year. We are disappointed that you have not achieved that 2-percent growth. The road to progress that we left was clear.. .  

This detour onto a rough and uncertain path of Tax-perity is entirely the fault of this government.

This Government must take blame for the untold hardships that this Tax Package will have on the poor and middle classes of this country. It was a wrong move.

This Government must do the honourable thing now,  draw brakes, pull a reverse on these wicked tax measures.