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Settle public sector wage issues now says Senator Brown

KINGSTON, Jamaica, November 16, 2017: The People’s National Party (PNP) Shadow Minister on the Public Service Senator Lambert Brown is deeply concerned about the slow pace with which the Government is approaching the Public Sector Wage negotiations with the thousands of public sector workers and their Trade Unions.

The public sector workers have been due increased salaries and improved benefits since April of this year, but the Government has been showing no flexibility in what must be described as its snail-paced approach to the negotiations with the hard working and dedicated civil servants, police, teachers, nurses, fire fighters, correctional officers and other employees in the public sector.

The Opposition Senator is calling on the Government to immediately enter into real negotiations with a more responsive offer that will eliminate the risk of disruption to the society and the fragile economy which could arise from legitimate industrial action by the public sector bodies.

Senator Brown decries the fact that some teachers are effectively being offered an increase of less than $400 per month, which would hardly make a difference in view of increased taxation and higher costs of living over the contract period.

He notes that an increase of $400 per month means the teacher could not buy a patty and drink at the end of a week from the increase offered. This shameful position must be urgently corrected by the Government. 

On the eve of the launch of Civil Service Week, the Opposition Senator is urging the Government to take the appropriate steps to bring relief to the public sector employees.