Anthony Hylton, Press Releases

Opposition Spokesman on Development & National Physical Planning & NHT

“The Plan supports the vision and strategies outlined by the LHI and goes further to confirm the viability of the concept. Further, its proposal for a $28 billion investment in the completion of the Plan and the potential for creating 87,000 jobs directly and some 437,000 indirectly, surpasses the preliminary figures suggested by me at the time the initiative was first announced,”Hylton explained in relation to the Master Plan and Market Analysis which was commissioned by him, as the then Minister of Industry, Investment and Commerce.

Significantly, the study takes note of the fact that substantial investments have already been madetowards the establishment of the logistics hub and supports the potential for more investments in the hub in light of the results contained in the Master Plan.

Hylton welcomes the embrace by the Government of the LHI andimplores the administration to continue to implement the institutional, legislative and policy measures needed to support the further build-out of the logistic hub, which the Master Plan has confirmed as central to achieving the shared objectives of sustained economic growth with meaningful employment.

Hylton further expresses that he“eagerly anticipates the final version of the Master Plan as it is key to promoting the necessary investments by government and the private sector in achieving the vision first articulated by the PNP Administration between2012-2016.”