Dayton Campbell, Press Releases

The Opposition calls for a more convenient contingency plan for the repairs to Chapelton Hospital

The Opposition notes, with gratitude, the advisory of the closure of the Chapleton Hospital to allow for repairs to the Dental Unit, the roof of the Maternity Ward and the Old Operating Theatre. We are well aware that these are necessary repairs as the process to commence construction was initiated long ago.

However, we note that patients are being advised to use alternate hospitals in the parish during these repairs. Hospitals such as May Pen hospital, which our checks reveal, has a number of patients, who have been admitted and unavailability of beds force them to be  on chairs. We are asserting that the suggested alternative is not viable. The CEO of the hospital is proposing a more practical solution, a Five Member Emergency Team that will be on call from 4pm to 8am, inclusive of one doctor, one nurse, one ward assistant, one porter and the ambulance driver. This team will treat and stabilize emergencies prior to transfer to other hospitals. This will mitigate against a repeat of the incident where a woman in labour, having been sent from Chapleton to May Pen, was forced to have her baby on the road because she could not make the distance. Person with Pressure issues and other pressing emergencies like gun shoot wounds, especially with the rise in shooting incidents in Clarendon, will have immediate and in some instances life saving care. 

It would be cost effective to simply send the patients to other hospitals in the parish but it would not be quality effective. The mission of the Ministry of Health, through hospitals, is to save lives not money.