Julian Robinson, Press Releases

PNP supports the just demands of the teachers

Kingston, Jamaica, December 4, 2017: The People’s National Party is standing with the nation’s teachers as they seek improved wages from the government of Jamaica.

The Party says it fully understands and supports the teachers in their rejection of the latest offer as there was no attempt by the government to make any accommodation for their just demands. The party emphasised that even if the demands of the teachers and other public workers could not be fully met, it expected that they would be given a respectful and sympathetic hearing as they made significant sacrifices in the past, including helping to pull the Jamaican economy back from the brink of disaster. It is this sacrifice which has allowed the government to report macroeconomic stability.

The Shadow Cabinet asserted that reports emanating from the negotiation is that the government has been arrogant, disrespectful, intransigent and provocative.

To date, the Andrew Holness government has demonstrated a penchant to waste millions of dollars in the questionable $800 million de-bushing programme, $8.34 million telephone bill, the cash give-away in South East St Mary and road work projects that cannot be identified, while teachers, nurses and other civil servants are asked to work long hours with little hope of just rewards.

The nation’s teachers and public servants continue to serve despite low wages and rising inflation. The three percent increase being offered by the government is a lack of understanding of the situation at best and blatant disrespect for these public servants at worst.

Based on rising inflation, the three per cent wage offer would put the teachers and others in a worse off position than they were last year and it is a grab-back of the 1.5 tax refund that some may have received.