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Patriots, Press Releases

KINGSTON, Jamaica, December 4, 2017:  The caucus of young professionals aligned to the People’s National Party (PNP), the Patriots says, the time has come for National Security Minister, the Hon. Robert Montague to reveal, as promised on August 18, 2017, information contained in a police investigation of his colleague, James Robertson, the Member of Parliament for Western St Thomas.

Minister Montague told the country on 18th August 2017 that the Ministry of National Security was reviewing the 2011 police investigation of activities surrounding James Robertson, which are contained in a file at the Security Ministry.

According  to the Miami Herald, “Leslie “Les” Green, a former assistant commissioner of police for the Jamaican Constabulary Force who has since retired, revealed to the Miami Herald that he investigated accusations that Robertson tried to arrange at least two murders, and found enough evidence that he recommended that prosecutors charge the politician.

“Investigations have been conducted alleging serious offenses against Robertson and others,” said Green, who is English and a former Scotland Yard detective. In 2006, the Jamaican government hired him on contract to help professionalize the force. “The Department of Public Prosecutions made a ruling there was sufficient evidence to charge Robinson.”

The Miami Herald went further, “But after carefully assembling his case, Green said, Jamaica’s Ministry of National Security refused to offer to protect one of the key witnesses. The witness fled, and the case fell apart.”

Minister Montague said, he would ask the Permanent Secretary to review the file because he wanted to be absolutely certain of the facts before commenting.  Therefore, Minister Montague can no longer claim to be “new” to the ministry as reason to delay the content of the file.

We concurred with the Gleaner’s editorial of 18th August 2017 that the ministry must offer the public a credible explanation for that decision to remove any suspicion that its motive was political.

Since taking office, the country’s crime rate continues to climb.  Despite all the claims and imposition of zones of special operations, Jamaica has the highest homicide rate in the Caribbean.


Patriots, Press Releases

KINGSTON, Jamaica, November 22, 2017:  In its typical style of heightening its own hypocrisy and partisan bias, Generation 2000 (G2K) has called on South East St. Ann’s Member of Parliament, Lisa Hanna to “step aside” to allow for a thorough and transparent investigation in relation to allegations contained in a report released by the Office of the Contractor General (OCG).

However, according to our assessment and interpretation of the situation, there is no need for Ms. Hanna to reply to G2K’s woof because she has already stated that she has done nothing wrong and would cooperate fully with the authorities in seeing that the matter is appropriately dealt with and resolved; and that the public understands completely the processes that were formulated to carry out the activities.

We find it extremely astounding and ludicrous that the G2K, the affiliated young professional arm of the governing Labour Party, who has ignored the OCG report on the $800Mn de-bushing programme undertaken prior to the local government elections, would be calling for Ms. Hanna to “step aside” before urging the Prime Minister and implicated ministers to respond to the allegations against them in the OCG’s report. 

It has been months since the contractor general made his report public on the scandalous $800m de-bushing programme, in which he described how five Cabinet Ministers devised a “corruption enabling mechanism” to divert state funds.   The Prime Minister, who had initially promised to respond to the report, has yet to do so.  G2K turned a blind eye to the findings of the OCG’s report, made no call on the Major Organized Crime and Anti-Corruption Agency (MOCA) to investigate, and has made no public statements admonishing anyone for their role in the corruption enabling activities.

Therefore, the caucus of young professional of the People’s National Party (PNP), is calling on G2K to demand that Prime Minister Andrew Holness accord respect to the office of the Contractor General and provide the promised comments on the damning report which was critical of his government’s handling of the public works programme.

The contractor general’s report on the de-bushing programme brings the Cabinet and at least five of its ministers into disrepute, asserted the President of the Patriots, Omar Newell.