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Drought Mitigation Efforts?

Drought Mitigation Efforts?

Opposition Spokesperson on Local Government Noel Arscott is alerting the government to what on the face of it seems to be an early drought now affecting the parishes of St. Catherine, Clarendon, and Manchester. The former Minister of Local Government said “while we are hearing of plans for the Kingston Metropolitan areas to deal with solutions for the domestic water problems, which we welcome, the people of central Jamaica are in dire need of water.”

Mr. Arscott is calling on the government to immediately make provision for the urgent and effective trucking of water to these affected parishes, so as to alleviate the undue suffering that residents are now facing. He also said, “Other than the fact that the farming communities will be struggling to maintain their yields as a result of the drought, water for domestic use is even more critical and must therefore be provided without delay.”

The Opposition Spokesperson is also pointing to the fact that with inadequate water for domestic use there is the likelihood of associated illnesses and diseases, which will also create additional strain on the health institutions in the affected parishes, as they too are also affected by this water shortage.

Arscott is calling on the responsible Minister to act with alacrity in addressing the issue of an early drought in certain parishes, by making funds available to immediately transport adequate water to all the affected areas.