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PNP Decrys JLP Gimmickry

PNP Decrys JLP Gimmickry

The People’s National Party notes that widespread concerns, castigation and cynicism from the populace, has led the JLP Government to announce that it may suspend its ill-timed and ill-implemented $600 million ” happy coincidence’ national de-bushing programme.

The PNP wishes to make three points at this time:

1. First, The Jamaican public, for full and total transparency in an election period and given the concern of vote buying, will need to know what expenditure has already taken place and what payments will be made for work already carried out in named communities and electoral divisions.

2. Secondly, notwithstanding the manner in which this programme was ill-conceived, mis-prioritized and implemented in terms of national needs, the resumption of the programme must not be based on any agreed division of opportunities between JLP and PNP supporters, but one in which any Jamaican regardless of their political affiliation or non-affiliation, must have a fair and meaningful opportunity to access temporary employment.

3. Thirdly, the real reason the programme has been suspended is because it has led to internal rifts among JLP supporters who were left out. There has been several reports of ‘cuss cuss’ and confrontations among JLP supporters as to ‘who get’ , ‘who nuh get’ and ‘who naw vote’. This temporary postponement is just a guise to placate some of their angry supporters and blame the opposition for them not being included. In an attempt to placate angry supporters, the JLP has tried to lay the blame at the feet of the PNP. This smokescreen, however, will not be successful as the PNP continues to stand with the people and for the people.

We remind the Prime Minister of his commitment to transparency and a new style of politics. We further remind him that at his inauguration, he admitted that “There is no majority for arrogance, no space for selfishness…no margin for error”. The PNP asks that the Government led by the Prime Minister stand by these words.