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Kingston, Jamaica August 6, 2017: Education expert, former Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Education and former head of Shortwood Teacher’s College, Elaine Foster-Allen has been named chair of the newly launched Commission: Education and Training Re-Imagined.

The Commission, the third such body to be put in place by the People’s National Party(PNP), is tasked with providing a platform for debate, dialogue and consensus around an appropriate policy and funding framework for driving and sustaining the transformation and modernization of the education and training system at every level.

“Despite tremendous progress and the heroic efforts of so many educators, Jamaica’s inherited education system unfortunately still perpetuates many of the class, colour and economic disparities and prejudices in our history,” Opposition Leader Dr. Peter Phillips said.

The Commission will study and report to the Party on a workable fix for the public education system. The body will take into account that fact that Jamaica’s inherited education system still perpetuates many of the class, colour and economic disparities and prejudices in our history.

There are over 1,000 public educational institutions, some 530 independent schools and approximately 2000 early childhood centers in Jamaica.

The Opposition Leader said, while many educators have pushed forward and enabled the advancement of young people from challenged backgrounds, limited social mobility, the development of social capital continues to be a challenge. These are two key contributors to a socially cohesive and productive society.

The CommissionEducation and Training Re-Imaginedis expected to collaborate with the New Economy and Land Reform Commissions, which were launched by the Party earlier this year, to build a new economy that will work for all Jamaicans, and a new society which is more socially cohesive based on a shared vision of social and economic development.

Among its deliverables the CommissionEducation and Training Re-Imaginedis to redefined the metrics/scorecard for measuring the efficiency, performance, progress, or the quality of educational provision and outcomes; recommend structures and approaches to promote equity and social justice for all; recommend way forward for the repositioning of Teacher Education and development  – initial and in-service- to lead the renaissance of 21st century teaching and learning;and to promote learning at all levels of the education and training system.

Other members of the Commission are Dr. Marsha Smalling, principal, Glenmuir High School, Patricia Sutherland, chair of the Joan Duncan Foundation, Dr. Christopher Clarke, Principal Shortwood Teachers’ College and Joan Spencer-Ernandez.