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September 26, 2017 — The People’s National Party (PNP) today launched a crowd funding campaign as it seeks to change the way in which funds are raised for political parties in Jamaica. The initiative also seeks to achieve greater participation in the Party’s fortunes amongst supporters.

The Party President, Dr. Peter Phillips, had mandated that the initiative be designed to leverage technology and actively engage the many supporters of the PNP in Jamaica and in the diaspora, providing them with an easy way to contribute. In the Jamaican spirit of ‘every mickle mek a muckle’, the innovative fundraising effort seeks to build on the successful examples of other political leaders and parties across the world, such as Barack Obama in his first run for the Presidency of the Unites States.

“This came about at the same time we were planning the Listening Tour across Jamaica, as we sought to design new ways to engage the wider public in the democratic process. Transparent campaign financing is important to our democracy. Traditionally, only a few, very wealthy persons fund political parties in Jamaica, but we want to build a movement that puts power in the people’s hands. We are committed to building a Jamaica that works for all – and certainly a broad base in campaign financing is key to that,” stated Dr. Phillips.

This new fundraising initiative falls under the remit of the General Secretary, Julian Robinson, MP, and the new Treasurer, Senator Mark Golding. Known for his legal and business acumen, Senator Golding assembled a team, led by insurance industry leader Peter Thomas and Patricia Duncan Sutherland, to design and roll-out this initiative, ensuring that it is under-pinned by robust and transparent processes and procedures for effective financial management and accountability.

Senator Golding stated “It is timely that the PNP has designed this initiative to broaden and deepen its funding base. It is an approach rooted in our philosophical commitment to participatory democracy, to provide the resources needed by a modern, people-centred political movement. I encourage all persons who are interested in supporting in this way to visit our webpage so they can strengthen their Party of choice.”