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Zik V related New Guillian-Barre Death Raises Concern

Zik V related New Guillian-Barre Death Raises Concern

Zik V related New Guillian-Barre Death Raises Concern

Opposition Spokesman on Health Mr. Horace Dalley is deeply saddened by the news of a death related to the Guillian- Barre Syndrome (GBS) at the Kingston Public Hospital yesterday.

Mr. Dalley has expressed condolences to the family on this the loss of their loved one.

While we are concerned for the lives of our citizens, we recognize that the Government and the Ministry of Health have not spoken about this death, nor have they been forthcoming about the true state of the new public health crisis that is GUillian-Barre Syndrome.

Spokesman Dalley stated that the Ministry of Health has spoken of 100 million dollars allocated for the management of Guillian-Barre Syndrome, but the complaint from health care workers is that this money has not materialized in the field for the management of the disease. As recently as yesterday, a family had to airlift their relative overseas for treatment of the GBS.

While it is reassuring to the public when the Government makes promises about taking care of their welfare, if the Government does not have the requisite funding to enact these promises and manage the epidemic, they need to come clean and level with the Country.

Spokesman Dalley stated that while the annual average cases of GBS is usually between eight and ten, in the last six months almost 100 suspected cases have been reported.

The Government has failed to take seriously the many warning the Opposition has stated about the Zika epidemic and its complications. The Government has failed to treat as an epidemic the presence of Zika in Jamaica, and has failed to allocate the necessary funding to proactively and holistically manage the Zika epidemic.

The Government in its failure to treat seriously the threat of Zika has put the health of the country at risk.

The Opposition is calling on the Government to fully:

  1. Disclose the true state of  Guillian-Barre Syndrome in Jamaica
  2. Disclose how many of the recommendation of the Opposition it has acted on.
  3. Disclose the true funding allocation for the fight against Zika and its complications
  4. Disclose a complete proactive plan for the management of Zika and its complications.
  5. Disclose clearly to the country the plan for the management of pregnant mothers as we approach the high birth period