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Amend Laws to Make Land Ownership Easier

Amend Laws to Make Land Ownership Easier

Kingston, Jamaica; October 28, 2016: Opposition Spokesperson on Land, Senator Sophia Frazer Binns says there is an urgent and compelling need for the Government to table the amendments to the REGISTRATION OF TITLES, CADASTRAL MAPPING AND TENURE CLARIFICATION (SPECIAL PROVISIONS) Act (SPA).

This Act was passed in 2005 to give effect to the Land Administration and Management Programme (LAMP).The objective was to reduce the significant numbers of unregistered parcels of land in Jamaica. Since its inception, thousands of persons have obtained a title for the first time. LAMP has transformed the lives of many Jamaican who before were unable to establish ownership of their property and utilize the title for economic and other benefits.

Recognizing that there remained challenges which prevented citizens from truly utilizing the provisions under the Act, the previous administration commenced a series of consultations culminating in proposed amendments to the Act. These amendments must now be fast tracked to ensure that every Jamaican can truly benefit from this programme in their quest to own a piece of the land; says Senator Frazer Binns.

These amendments will seek to among other things:
1. State that all types of applications to register or re-register land under the Registration of Titles Act (Sections 28,54,& 85-87) may be made under this Act;

2. Allow land owners to use the years of previous owners to establish the 12 year period of ownership, even without written documentation;

3. Allow for title to be passed in instances where the owner has given the land (by word of mouth) and supported this by placing them on the land;

4. Remove the requirement to administer an estate when someone has been in possession of the land under an estate for at least twelve years.

According to Senator Frazer Binns,
‚ÄúThese amendments are of such importance, that they touch and concern the very heart of our citizens; affect the progress and existence of the masses of our people and the Government has a moral and ethical duty to fast track them.” These amendments will allow ordinary Jamaicans to become land owners within the provisions of the law.