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Kingston, Jamaica, June 13, 2017:  The Opposition Spokespersons on Local Government and Community Development, Noel Arscott is challenging the government to state in plain and simple language, the true reason behind the fires at the island’s landfills.

The Opposition Spokesman said in recent weeks there have been numerous reports of fires at the various  landfills; and so far, no real reasons for these outbreaks have been forthcoming; nor has the government put forward a plan to mitigate the situation.

The lack of an imminent plan after repeated and widespread outbreak requires full explanation.    

Mr. Arscott is also raising concerns about what appears to be a discontinuation of the mitigation measures which were initiated during the previous government. He is calling on Minister Desmond McKenzie to tell the nation if the government has abandoned the International Landfill Management Protocol, and explain whether the Riverton dump fires are as a result of deficits in the management protocol.

Arscott said “If there are deficits in the management protocol of the Riverton Dump, it means the NSWMA Chairman and the board would have failed to take corrective action to prevent the fires.“

The opposition is concerned about the prevailing situation as it appears be a “free for all“ at the facilities and is therefore calling for the instant but temporary return of the JDF to the area, and for the utilization of drones as part of the surveillance of Riverton Dump facility in particular.

“Nothing but a complete return to the professional management system that includes the 2015 fire suspension system implemented by the previous government is going to effectively address the problem, which was previously brought under control, using the management tools that is now being discarded,“ Arscott said.