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Don’t Frolic with the People’s Business

Don’t Frolic with the People’s Business

The Opposition is heartened to see the Government continuing the work we started to make the National Heroes Circle as the Centre of Government. However, it seems this JLP Administration has not learnt the lessons of the past when its lack of consultation and due diligence with the People and the Opposition created problems.
Leader of Opposition Business in the House of Representatives, Phillip Paulwell says; “The cavalier attitude of the Prime Minister Holness and his government to the concerns of the people about inclusion of Jamaican professionals in the design and construction of the Parliament building is disrespectful.”

“The Opposition is deeply concerned about the one sided decision-making which is not representative of a Parliamentary democracy which is almost evenly divided. We view the approach of the government as disrespectful towards the many Jamaican professionals with the skills to design and construct what will be one of our most important national structures,” says the Member of Parliament of Kingston East and Port Royal.

Paulwell is also reminding the nation that submissions of drawings for the National Heroes Park Government Complex were previously done while the PNP was in government. He noted that unlike what is now taking place; consultations were held with the then opposition JLP, as this was viewed as a national project which required broad based consensus. According to Mr. Paulwell; “For the Government to now totally disregard the duly elected opposition which represents a large portion of the population is unacceptable.”

“The People’s National Party is warning the government not to go off on a frolic of its own. We wish to remind Mr. Holness, that the building of the people’s parliament is the people’s business and consultation is a basic requirement; Paulwell said.