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Government must rethink and roll back the Wicked and Immoral Property Tax

Government must rethink and roll back the Wicked and Immoral Property Tax

The increase in property tax is the latest in a series of oppressive tax measures being implemented by this uncaring government. Over 600,000 Jamaicans will be negatively impacted by this excessive increase.
The latest property tax hike ranges from 300 to over 1000 % in some parishes, including the bread basket parishes of the island.

These massive increases will put many farmers under pressure. They will no doubt have to pass this on in the pricing of basic farm produce. This means that Jamaicans who are already paying higher transportation and utility taxes due to the unconscionable action of the Government will be faced with more increases; says the Opposition People’s National Party.

Senator Sophia Frazer-Binns, Opposition Spokesperson on Land and the Environment said, “Consistent with such an increase, there is going to be the domino effect of a spike in the cost to those living in rented houses and a hardening of relationship between Tenants and their Landlords. Additionally, a further negative and direct impact of this increase will be its effect on people’s ability to pay property taxes and its impact on the ability of the poorest Jamaicans to buy a house or land.

Senator Frazer-Binns further stated, “Such increases as imposed by the Government flies in the face of the much talked about economic expansion, as the effect from these new land taxes will surely cause serious contractions in our economy and on the country’s ability to attain and or sustain growth.” “To increase property tax at this rate at a time when so many persons are already over burdened with other taxes, is wicked, immoral, unjust and borders on being inhumane.” Indeed it runs against the philosophy of prosperity.

The Opposition says it is not too late to reconsider this wicked tax which will cause untold hardships on our people.