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Opposition concerned about new wave of deportees from the UK

Opposition concerned about new wave of deportees from the UK

Kingston, Jamaica, March 7, 2017; In light of the imminent arrival of over 100 Jamaicans being deported from the U.K., the Opposition is again calling on the Government to indicate what steps are being taken to accommodate and reintegrate the deportees back into the society.
Last year September when 40 Jamaicans were deported from the UK, the Opposition stated, “The Opposition is also calling on the Government to indicate what arrangements have been made to reintegrate the deportees into the society having regard to the reports that many have been living in the UK for many years and may not have any current relatives in the island.” That call is being made again.

Opposition Spokesman on Foreign Affairs, Dr. Morais Guy says “The country cannot be comforted by the statement from the Jamaican authorities that they will be met by the JCF as well as by personnel from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and a Non-Government Organisation. MORE NEEDS TO BE SAID. The numbers this time are more than two fold of those deported last year and it is not certain whether the Jamaican government has made provisions for accommodation and social intervention resources for these displaced Jamaicans.”

The Opposition is also concerned that persons who have appeals pending prior to 2014 might be in this group of deportees. It is calling on the MFAFT through the U.K. High Commission to ensure that adequate due diligence is undertaken to ensure that this present group does not include any of those individuals mentioned above.
Will the Government indicate that it is satisfied that all the deportees are in fact Jamaicans and did the Jamaican High Commission in the U.K. do the necessary investigations to ascertain this?

Further, the Opposition is calling on the Government to indicate what is the current situation regarding those deportees from September 2016 and what reporting or monitoring mechanisms are and have been followed to ensure their safety and re socialization into the Jamaican society. Is there any tracking mechanism in place or are the displaced deportees just left by themselves. Is the government able to say what has been the fate of the members of that group and if there is no information, how can the country be assured that the measures being put in place now are adequate?