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Kingston, Jamaica, June 6, 2017: The People’s National Party pays tribute to Lady Ivy Cooke who made her transition earlier this afternoon. She was 100 years old.
Lady Cooke’s contribution to the life of our nation cannot be overstated.
There is no-one who was fortunate enough to have met this remarkable woman who was not immediately struck by her elegance and quiet dignity, or moved by her charm and infectious smile.

Lady Cooke represented the finest of human qualities, and was revered by all in the way she executed her public duties with poise and grace. As a loving wife and steadfast companion to our former Governor-General, Sir Howard for 75 years, Lady Cooke was a tower of strength to the teacher-turned-politician throughout the many years of his professional life.
Along with Sir Howard, Lady Cooke turned their official residence, King’s House, into a place where any and everyone could feel welcome; and their agricultural enterprises on those famous grounds were well known, a reminder to all that they remained, a man and woman of the people despite their elevated status.

Prior to being thrust onto the public stage, Lady Cooke had already made a name for herself as an outstanding scholar who later developed into a superb educator, and one who was dedicated not only to the task of enlightening young minds, but also to tending to their welfare. She was always very aware that instruction in and of itself was not enough, and that this had to be accompanied by a conscious effort on the part of the teacher to create a warm and embracing environment in which a child could thrive

The loving union produced two sons, Justice Howard Fitz-Arthur Cooke, puisne judge; and Richard Washington McDermott Cooke, hotelier; and one daughter, Audrey Faith Cooke, a consultant on international affairs.
Lady Cooke will be missed for her commitment to family and the fine example, she was of the true, hardworking and morally upright Jamaican woman.