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PNP Women’s Movement condemns Dr. Karl Blythe

PNP Women’s Movement condemns Dr. Karl Blythe

PNP Women’s Movement condemns Dr. Karl Blythe Comments made on Television

The PNP Women’s Movement condemns Dr. Karl Blythe and is demanding that he withdraws the comments he made on Television and Radio concerning the health of PNP President and Leader of the Opposition, the Most Honourable Portia Simpson Miller.
If Dr Blythe has any decency or regard for the women of Jamaica, he would withdraw his destructive and unethical comments.

The President of the Women’s Movement, Jennifer Edwards says Dr Blythe, who is a medical Doctor, should know that it is unethical to offer public commentary without permission, on someone’s health.
The statement is a clear manifestation of gender bias, as it is likely that this approach would not be used as the basis for diagnosing a male Leader.

No one, and certainly not one who wants to lead the PNP where eighty percent of the workers and supporters are women, should use Mrs. Simpson Miller’s gender to discriminate against her.
Mrs. Simpson Miller has been working non-stop for several years. She has led the country through a very challenging period and reconstructed Jamaica’s international image, its economic foundation, its infrastructural development and the social upliftment of its people.

Mrs. Simpson Miller led the PNP Women’s Movement for 23 years and has given outstanding service to the organisation.
The Movement commends Mrs. Simpson Miller for her strength, her courage, her wisdom, her commitment and her loyalty. We wish her well as she continues to advocate of the Jamaican people in keeping with the philosophy of the People’s National Party. The women of the Movement stand with our Party Leader.