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The Women’s Movement of the People’s National Party has added its voice to calls for the resignation of Danville Walker from all State boards and statutory organizations. The Movement is insisting that Prime Minister Andrew Holness relieve Walker of all such responsibilities should he fail to go voluntarily.

For the women of the PNP it is outrageous and unacceptable that even in the face of Walker’s conviction by a court of law some Government Senators continue to argue in his defence, and in defiance of the national conscience and by extension, the nation’s courts. The Movement’s President, Jennifer Edwards describes this as a very dangerous sign that leaders entrusted to pass laws protecting Jamaicans and our Constitution would themselves be in defiance of a Court’s ruling.

“Those senators who engaged in this morally reckless stance in the Senate are clearly out of touch with the sentiments of the country, and obviously show a bias for the ‘give-a-bly’ culture of corruption crippling the development of Jamaica”, Edwards said.

The Women’s Movement is convinced that Opposition Senator Lambert Brown echoed the sentiments of most law-abiding Jamaicans by arguing before the Senate that, “Mr. Walker’s recent conviction for breaching the Contractor General’s Act while he was Commissioner of Customs means Walker should resign from all State boards”.

As far as the women are concerned, Mr. Holness’ promises of integrity and even impeachment legislation led many Jamaicans to believe in him, therefore Senators should be applauded for holding the leader of the Government to his commitments.

“Just two months ago in a Statement to Parliament on the Integrity Commission Bill, Holness told the Nation about his commitment to a more efficient and effective public sector, promising to remove what he said was a “just give me a bly – … a special favour or chance by circumventing due process” culture.

“This Prime Minister said that people would be held accountable, and that our children would learn how to discern right from wrong, reject corruption and do the right thing”, Edwards reminds.

“The Prime Minister must live up to his commitments, our message to him is clear, we want a break with the habits of the past, we want him to do the right thing, we want him to fire Walker and end this Walkergate”, the Women’s Movement’s leader warned.