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Questions for Minister of National Security

Questions for Minister of National Security

Member of Parliament for Central Manchester and Opposition Spokesman on National Security, Peter Bunting to ask the Minister of National Security the following question at the expiration of 21 days:

1. Describe the process used to procure used vehicles for the Jamaica Constabulary Force since the start of the 2016/17 fiscal year?

2. What were the specifications provided by the Ministry for the various types of vehicles that were to be supplied?

3. Was there a prequalification process for suppliers?

4. If the answer to part 2 is in the affirmative, what were the criteria used to prequalify suppliers?

5. If the answer to part 2 is negative, how was the suitability of the selected suppliers determined?

6. One supplier – Obrien’s International Car Sales & Rentals Ltd. – was selected to provide over 80% of the total spend on motor vehicles since the start of the 2016/17 fiscal year (i.e. $426.9 million of a total of $518.6 million). Will the Minister disclose the directors and shareholders of this company?

7. Will the Minister state whether due diligence was conducted to determine the capability/suitability of this company to supply such a large order of vehicles to the Ministry of National Security/JCF? If yes, can the Minister state which agency conducted the due diligence?

8. Can the Minister state the financial arrangements related to the purchase? Is an advance paid to the supplier and, if so, how much? Are there financial penalties for not meeting the delivery dates of end March 2017 and end May 2017 respectively (for the eighty 2012 Toyota Axios and the one hundred and twenty 2012 Toyota Hilux 4X4 double-cab pickups)?

9. Has the Ministry done an evaluation of the Total Cost of Ownership of a used vehicle versus a new vehicle (including such factors as acquisition cost, maintenance and operating costs, and disposal value) for police usage? Can the Minister cite any examples of other police services anywhere in the world that have procured used cars/pickups exclusively for an entire fiscal year?