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1. What were the terms and conditions attached to the award of the spectrum license to Symbiote in September 2016?

2. Were these conditions met?

3. What were the reasons for the Spectrum Management Authority (SMA) and the Office of Utilities Regulation (OUR) issuing Notices of Investigation to Symbiote in December 2016 informing them that investigations were to be conducted into their operations, with the possible effect that their license could be revoked?

4. Did the United States Government provide new information to the Government of Jamaica which suggested that a director/shareholder of, or person associated with, Symbiote Ltd. was not a fit and proper person?

5. If yes, what is the nature of the information provided and when was this information provided to the Government?

6. Prior to the licence being issued, did the Minister of National Security arrange for senior officers of the Security Forces to tour the facilities of Symbiote Ltd.?

7. If yes, what was the outcome of that tour?

8. Please provide an update on the police investigation into allegations that Symbiote was operating illegally outside of its assigned spectrum?

9. Did the Director of Public Prosecutions Office issue a ruling on this matter?

10. If yes, what are the details of that ruling?

11. What steps have been taken to address the conflict of interest issues raised in the Office of the Contractor General Report on the award license to Symbiote, in relation to the chairman of the board of the Spectrum Management Authority, who is employed as an adviser to the Minister of Science, Energy and Technology and a board member of the Spectrum Management Authority, who is employed as a technical assistant to the Minister of Science, Energy and Technology