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The People’s National Party reactivates Community Charter & Livity Code for Youth, Local Government & Community Month 2016

The People’s National Party reactivates Community Charter & Livity Code for Youth, Local Government & Community Month 2016

As part of its Youth, Local Government and Community Month programme of activities all celebrated annually in November, the People’s National Party is reactivating its Community Charter / Livity Code (2010). This will be implemented as a community mobilization and public education project in building stronger, better and safer communities, focussed particularly in the communities in which the Party enjoys support and can assert some positive influence in this regard.
The Community Charter as it was then called, was developed and promoted in the Corporate Area / Region Three in the mid-2000s as a values and attitude programme to prevent and or mitigate against corner and community conflicts which had the potential of evolving into gang warfare and criminality. In 2010, the Community Charter was revised and upgraded as the 2010 Community Charter / Livity Code and formally launched by then National Security Minister, the Hon. Dwight Nelson and then Leader of the Opposition, the Most Honourable Portia Simpson Miller, on Sunday 2nd May, 2010, at a Region Three Rally, held at the Mico University.
As announced by Party General Secretary, Paul Burke at the Party’s last National Executive Council Meeting, held at the Versailles on Sunday 25th September, 2016, the Party while in Opposition has to continue playing both an active and proactive role in discouraging criminal activities and by extension, building safer communities.
Region Three Chair, Phillip Paulwell has welcomed the project saying that the intervention was both timely and necessary, while Kingston’s Mayor Angela Brown Burke has said that Councillors will once again promote the Community Charter & Livity Code as they carry out their ongoing community work, which will be intensified for Local Government and Community Month, which commences on Tuesday 1st November, 2016.

The Code has as it tenets.

1. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Respect Others.

2. Courtesy, Good Manners and Respect for others, particularly the Elderly, are essential factors for a Better and Peaceful Community

3. Encourage our Children to attend School all the time and on time.

4. ‘Big Man’, if that’s what you really are – leave school girls alone. Do not buy, intimidate or bully them into relationships. Let them grow up and finish school.

5. Respect our Women. Women Respect Yourselves and Respect other Women

6. Blackman, the strength of our race is in our families. Be responsible fathers. Protect, love and look after our children.

7. Support Community Programmes and Activities. Keep the Community Clean

8. Be environmentally conscious. Protect the environment to the best of your ability – clean air and water and unpolluted soil are essential to future generations

9 Protect our Community Property, Schools, Churches and Community Centers

10. Political tribalism is a man made disease. Do not let our different political persuasions divide us. Let us live and work together, peacefully and harmoniously.

11. No Rape. Condemn all Rapists

12. Mobilize your Community against Gang Warfare, Community Conflicts, Violence, Robbery, Rape and Killings

13. Cocaine is Slow Poison. The Cocaine Merchant is a Merchant of Death. Banish them from our Community.

14. Co-operate with the police. We must work together to build safer communities. Ensure that they act properly and professionally.

15. Practice Safe Sex. Use a Condom.

Background History:The Community Charter was initially spearheaded by Resource Group Seven in collaboration with PNP Region Three throughfour community consultations between April 2004 to April 2005. It was then endorsed and promoted by the PNP KSAC Councillors and Minority Caucus and then successfully carried via a resolution to the Kingston and St Andrew Corporation in April 2011 and approved under then Mayor Desmond McKenzie, to be promoted throughout the Corporate Area in a broader civic and non-partisan manner.
Prior to that, it was subsequently carried through a resolution by the New Foundations Group (East Kingston and Port Royal) to the 67th Annual Conference of the People’s National Conference in September 2005, at which it was unanimously approved as an integral part of the Party’s Outreach and Community Building Programme.